Hacker's Bench Project Directory
All the things I've spent (wasted ) my time on.
Last UpdateTitleDescription
09/05/2014 Hacker's Bench 7: Solar Security Light Teardown Scrapping a brand new light for parts..
08/29/2014 Simple PWM Motor Speed Controller A PIC12F1840 based motor controller.
08/21/2014 LED Ring Display A 16 LED circular display
09/10/2010 1Hz Clock A simple, cheap 1Hz crystal controlled clock.
07/11/2007 Drip Drip Building a $3.00, One zone sprinkler timer.
10/05/2006 Ding Dong Turning a Heath / Zenith Wireless Doorbell into a Remote Control Relay
01/15/2006 Anemometer A collection of images and notes for an ongoing project. NOT a finished article

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